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In this week’s “Vaticano” new Swiss guards are swearing in to defend the Pope; enter with us inside of the Pontifical North American College and learn about why the formation in Rome is important for the future of the church; in the fourth edition of the Roman Nights experts are discussing how to proclaim the message of the gospel in modern times; a catholic magazine founded by Saint Maximilian Maria Colbe celebrates 100 years from its first edition.

200 Anniversary of the Pontifical Mission Societies

The Pontifical Mission Societies are celebrating the 200th anniversary of their foundation, as the Association of the Propagation of the Faith. At the same time, they're preparing for the Beatification of their foundress Pauline Jaricot on May 22nd, in her native city of Lyon, France.

Pauline was a lay woman who started and shaped the biggest missionary society in the world. Today, it's comprised of 354,000 missionaries and 3 million catechists in 130 countries.

Swearing-in of the New Swiss Guards

Every year on May 6th, the new Swiss Guards are sworn in at the Vatican. A total of 36 recruits from Switzerland will take the oath this year.

The smallest army in the world has been protecting the Holy Father and his residence since 1506. However, the Pope's elite troops faced their greatest test on May 6, 1527, when Emperor Charles V unleashed Landsknecht mercenaries on Rome and devastated the Eternal City during the so-called "Sack of Rome".

Pope Francis updates canon law on dismissal from religious institutes

Pope Francis changed Church law on the rules for dismissal from religious institutes.
He defined the crime of abuse as being a crime against human life, dignity and freedom. Thus, it is considered a much more grave perpetration than before when abuse has been only considered a crime against the specific duties of the clergy.

Bishop Martinelli named Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia

Bishop Paolo Martinelli was appointed as the new Apostolic Vicar of Southern Arabia. He replaces Bishop Paul Hinder, who has reached the age limit of 80, in a very important and delicate post. Like his predecessor Bishop Martinelli is member of the Order of the Capuchin Friars Minor.

Pope Francis met President of Gabon

The President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba visited the Holy Father this week. They spoke about the contribution of the Catholic Church in the field of education. Often, it was Catholic missionaries, who helped establish a school system in many African countries.

May is the month of Mary

Pope Francis: During May, the month of Mary, pray the rosary for peace every day

10 new Saints

On May 10, Pope Francis will appoint 10 new saints. This is the first time since the pandemic and tens of thousands of pilgrims are expected to Rome.

Supporting Future of the Churchent.

“Lynne and I believe that perhaps now, maybe never before in our lifetimes, is it more important for us to have some uniquely trained holy men. And we think that the Pontifical North American college, there's no better place for that to happen.” - says Dennis and Lynne Jilots.

From the rooftops: Proclaiming the message of the Gospel in modern times

From the rooftops: Proclaiming the message of the Gospel in modern times” –

On April 27 the EWTN Vatican Bureau hosted its 4th edition of “Roman Nights”, an event series that brings together experts from different professional backgrounds to discuss relevant topics of life and faith.

100 years of “Knight of the Immaculate”

“If we do not have Catholic media, our shrines will one day be empty” - these were the prophetic words of Maximilian Maria Kolbe, a saint who launched a Catholic Magazine 100 years ago that is still thriving today.